Baltpack's goal is to produce your goods in the most resource-efficient way possible. We do more with less by implementing a more resource-efficient production process.


Renew our production to use paper-based wrapping materials and biocompond plastic materials.

Electricity usages

Since 2010, with solar panels producing electricity, we have covered arround 15% of our usage. Our goal for 2026 is to cover 25% of our usage by replacing our machines with neier machines. We also decrease the overall electricity usage.


Capture enough CO2 to offset all transport-related CO2 emissions from regular transport of goods to and from our customers. Baltpack plans to invest in its own bioforest that will be allowed to grow without cutting and this capturing enough CO2 to offset the transport emissions. To be implemented by 2025-2026.

Waste Management

All organic materials are sorted and composted. Paper, plastic, and cartons are sorted and recycled. The goal is to make sure 90% of our waste products enter a new life cycle.

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